Monthly Focus

Why Health Care Coaching and Advocacy?
BecauseYour Health Matters

Highly productive and successful people are being challenged more and more balancing work commitments and personal health and well-being. Whether your medical encounters are routine or emergent, you must be poised to be intentional and knowledgeable about your health care.

Our personal health care coaching and advocacy services will:

  • Help you take control of your health and health care
  • Increase your productivity
  • Improve your medical encounters
  • Contribute to stress-free living

We are expert medical professionals who can:

  • Teach you the secrets to effective medical communication
  • Guide you through the daunting navigation of the medical delivery system
  • Unlock your ability to appropriately advocate for yourself

“when the medical jargon is too complex and the answers too few”
Newell & Spriggs Consulting is the answer!


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Health Care Coaching & Advocacy

  • Offers personalized coaching and advocacy for executives and urban professionals
  • Improves medical encounters by focusing on effective communication
  • Provides the tools for savvy navigation of the medical system
  • Empowers clients to appropriately self-advocate and take charge of their health

Wellness and Prevention

  • Implementation of realistic wellness and prevention programs
  • Teach the tools for effective communication, savvy navigation and appropriate advocacy
  • Influence behavioral change to increase productivity
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Corporate Consultants

  • Adopt workplace wellness as a core component to influence behavioral change
  • Assess health risks and workforce challenges 
  • Promote a healthy workforce to improve productivity, control costs and maximize corporate health and potential