Improved health literacy will ensure a level playing field and allow health care consumers to be equal participants in the management of their health needs and wellness. There is compelling evidence that effective wellness promotion can reduce health care costs, decrease absenteeism, and improve productivity, while positively affecting morale in the workplace. The failure to effectively address this important dimension of employee engagement has resulted in an ever-widening information gap, an increase in medical errors, and spiraling healthcare costs.

The principals of Talk4Health: Strategies for Life are capable and prepared to help you identify specific health care literacy issues that if addressed expertly can ensure a sustainable culture of wellness. Workplace-supported health literacy programs and a personal commitment to wellness are critical for today’s health care environment. Our programs can also serve as added value to established wellness programs to:

  • define and explore current health care delivery challenges faced by clients
  • provide clients with information that will promote effective health care decision-making
  • demonstrate the importance of preventive health care with real time situations
  • ensure that medical encounters of clients are more personalized and rewarding give clients the tools that will allow them to become self-advocates for their health care needs.