"In 1996, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast and underwent lumpectomy and radiation therapy. More than 10 years later, I still had complications from the radiation treatment from the first surgery. In 2009 when I was diagnosed with cancer in my right breast, I was mortified, confused and terrified of the treatment options offered to me. I decided against treatment. A friend suggested that I contact Newell & Spriggs Consulting to get a better understanding of my condition and the implications of each option. The approach by these professionals was methodical, insightful and reassuring. Not only did they demystify a lot of the process for me but they cleared up some of my previous concerns and misunderstandings. They basically gave me a road map for my future decision- making. I was able to use their personal concierge service and was accompanied to my most important medical visits, giving me the support and providing the advocacy that I needed. I will be forever grateful." B.I.

"I recently received a very frightening diagnosis and had no idea what to do or even the right questions to ask. The consultative services offered by Newell & Spriggs Consulting not only brought me comfort, but also equipped me to access the appropriate resources and treatment options. I still have a long way to go but your assistance was just what I needed as I embarked upon this journey." C.W.

“Talk4Health seminars by the principals of Newell & Spriggs Consulting, LLC are the most refreshing approach to the necessity and benefits of wellness that I have witnessed. Incorporating health literacy as the fundamental ingredient of their program addresses the very core of communication deficits that plague the patient –practitioner relationship. These engaging medical practitioners offer a passionate, insightful, and pragmatic approach to consumers and organizations who are serious about improving health care access and efficient utilization of resources to affect and improve positive medical outcomes". V.L.

“Thanks for all of your help.  Your advice and support gave me the incentive I needed to assert myself. I feel much, much better about the course of treatment. It will require me to continue to be assertive and a squeaky wheel.”  B.P.

“Emergency rooms are scary, especially if you have an existing chronic disability and you don’t know how the new problem will further limit you. Your intervention and professional insight gave me the assurance I needed and the understanding to process the necessary medical information.” M.B.